Gigi's Bridal Shoot

I first met Gigi while photographing boxers for the Carolina Boxer Rescue calendar.  (Her super cute puppies won the cover!)  And I also photographed products for her website, Beach Love Boutique.  I had put up a model call on my Facebook page as I wanted to practice some new ideas and Gigi was the first to respond.  She said she didn't care if her dress got wet and was totally able to shoot on a weekday night.  She had been married for 4 years but wanted to get some shots in her dress while it still fits, lol.  She met me at my studio and then we headed out to Greenfield Lake to get started.  I always bring a few props along and on this night I had a rocking chair, a giant hair flower and a small stool.  We started with the rocking chair.


Of course, I brought my speed light and we only used one for the duration of this shoot and Danny once again, is the best light holder/aimer ever.  After we got some shots with the rocking chair we moved over to the water.  Gigi and Danny spotted an alligator but I chose not to look since I was standing in some marsh area and didn't want to scare myself.  Gigi was not scared and climbed up on some branches to get up over the water. She's cleverly hiding her walking stick/balancing stick behind her.

I had brought a small stool to sink into the water so it would look more like she was standing over the water.  Next time I need a taller stool.  I underestimated how deep it gets a foot off shore.  I will also need a pair of rain boots for myself.  But that's why I practice these things.  


 I love the reflections of the water behind her.  Our last setup was at this little brick bridge.  It was getting dark but we were able to get a few more shots in.  


So the best shot of the day goes back to our first set-up in the woodsy area.  And I'm very happy to announce that it ail be on the cover of the Fall issue of The Perfect Wedding Planner!

Thank you Gigi!!