Jack & Christine's 20th Anniversary

Jack and Christine were in town on their first childless vacation in many years.  They were celebrating their 20th anniversary and had contacted me to take some portraits of them.  We decided on downtown.  They were taking advantage of their time with their kids in tow and doing things they wanted to do.  While touring Bellamy mansion the day before our shoot, they emailed me to see if we could start out there in the morning.  I was happy to start there.  And since we started at 8am, we found a back gate that wasn't locked to get in.  

Hey, it didn't say 'no trespassing'. (That's the only sign I really look for.)


The Bellamy mansion has beautiful grounds and we took full advantage of them.  After we finished there we took a walk downtown and to the river.  It was a bit chilly but we made it work. 


Happy 20th Anniversary Jack and Christine!!!