Heather & Steven's Engagement Shoot

On the day we were scheduled to shoot, the skies were not cooperating.  I watched the radar like a hawk all day and from my local knowledge, I know that it is rarely raining in Carolina Beach when it is pouring in Wilmington.  I let Steven and Heather know my thoughts and asked them how they wanted to proceed.  We decided to shoot and the skies agreed.  We met at the very end of Fort Fisher and I brought along a few props.  Below you can see a frame that I dismantled from my house.  Something I often do. 

I knew I could get a few different backgrounds in this area so we started in the boat ramp area and then worked our way around to the tree where they originally got engaged. 

If you've been to Fort Fisher, you know what tree I'm talking about.  It sits at the top of a sand-dune-hill and the roots have been exposed over time.  It's a pretty awesome tree.

We went back to the car for a quick outfit change and headed over to the beach area where we made use of the logs that roll on shore like giant driftwood. 

When we got closer to the actual time of sunset we headed out onto the rock jetty.  It's a great backdrop and the clouds opened up just enough to give us some light color. We didn't venture out too far since the day was pretty wet and the rocks were a bit slippery.  Danger aside, they were totally worth it.