Courtney & Brian's Wrightsville Beach Engagement Session

Courtney and Brian had recently moved to Wilmington from Philadelphia, what a small world!  Danny and I loved living in Philly! It's a great city with awesome food, especially in the Italian Market.  They knew they wanted the beach look so I suggested my favorite place in Wrightsville - starting at the Oceanic Pier and then heading to the south end where we can use both the ocean and intracoastal views.


You should have seen me trying to work out the 'L-O-V-E' with my hands before they met up with us.  It looked like bad west coast signs but we figured it out.  So happy with the way it came out, I had seen it on pinterest but just hadn't used it yet.  

As a side note, I love graphic design and often try to include some graphic elements in engagement sessions.  Of course I give them the photos without the fonts, but I love fonts! So I use the sessions as an excuse to play with them.  


After the pier, we headed down to the south end and started our walk around the little peninsula that sticks out down there.  Ocean to sand dunes to intracoastal, just in time for sunset. (And yes, I always bring my scrabble pieces.  Its a good thing we don't play scrabble much at home.)


Courtney and Brian also brought their Philly jerseys, so a quick outfit change and we got those in too.  I think Courtney and Brian were laughing at Danny and I since we were wearing scarves, gloves and hats from the get-go but we assured them that a couple of years in the south would wear down there cold tolerance.  


Congratulations on your engagement Courtney and Brian!

Another side note: This poor little butterfly was just hanging on a sea oat.  Pretty little guy.