Matt and Daniella's Awesome Riverview Wedding

Daniella and Matt


When Daniella mentioned that she wanted a bridal portrait inspired by Alphonse Mucha, I was intrigued.  Any chance I get to paint in photoshop is exciting.  We arranged to do her bridal portrait about three months before their wedding, giving me plenty of time to do my thing and her plenty of time to get it printed on canvas.  I have to say I'm pretty in love with how it came out.  


Daniella and Matt have a been a really fun couple to photograph.  From their engagement shoot downtown/Bluepost, to their "awkward family" christmas photos, they have a sense of fun about them that comes through in every image.  And when a bride's tattoo coordinates with all her wedding decorations, you know she's totally pinterest worthy.  I have to mention that Daniella made the amazing owls on top of their cake, and please make note of the beard on the groom, amazing!


They had a very touching ceremony that included Matt singing solo and ended in their dancing duo exit where we headed straight out to the river to capture some sunset photos.  When boats started passing, we tested our "trucker signal" and sure enough got a couple of horns ringing.  One from a tug boat and the second from a giant barge.  It's always fun to put a smile on someone's face and I hope those boat guys/girls enjoyed our very encouraging pump fists.


The reception raged on with some very fun dancing but only after it was kicked off with a fantastic rendition of Huey Lewis', "The Power of Love" put on by Matt and his band. 

In fact, I hummed the song continuously while editing… Huey Lewis is awesome!


Danny and I played with long exposures during the exuberant dancing, it seems to give the images more life and movement than a traditional exposure and I must say you can definitely feel the bohemian rhapsody in the last photo.  No one sings the bohemian rhapsody with as much gusto as this group, not even that guy that got arrested in canada(it's on youtube). 


So thank you, thank you to Matt and Daniella for choosing us to capture your big day!!


Other notes:  The Riverview Terrace at the The Coastline Conference is a great venue with some awesome photo opportunities AND Middle of the Island makes great food!  Last but not least, Teresa White is so on top of her wedding organizing, totally kept me put to the minute on the course of events throughout the night!