Charlie's First Photo Shoot

I originally met Nicole back in January when I took pictures of these adorable crochet army boots along with her and her husbands boots and new baby's dog tags.  Oh etsy, you have such awesome things.  

Nicole brought Charlie in for his first photoshoot about a month ago.  He was already a month old so he wasn't quite as posable as those 3 day olds but we got some great shots.  I had planned a few setups and she was going to bring some things as well.  The first set-up was based on their fatigues and Charlie finally got a chance to wear his little crochet army boot(ie)s.  I love the bean bag chair I found at Old Time Pottery.  It can be molded to have babies lay down, lie sideways, or it;s a great place for me to relax - bean bag chairs are highly underrated.

His little feet remind me of George Burns.  Ex-cellleeennnttt


Our next setup was the hammock.  Again, the bean bag chair came in handy again.  The bean bag chair is directly below the frame, just in case.  Not that we would drop a baby, but you know, just to be sure.....

So Nicole held one side of the fabric and Danny held the other and when everyone was ready, we lifted and I snapped.  I love his peeking eye, he might not have liked the giraffe hat as much as we did.

In between shots, I try to to get some candids of mom and baby.  It's the little moments.

Not only did Nicole have a giraffe hat, she had a whole lion outfit and this super fluffy blanket..  

Ahhh.. the cuteness.

I always keep scrabble pieces at the studio, they are quite handy.  I also had some fake wood textured board that I had spray painted blue a while ago.  Add in an apple box that I use to hold files and a WVU baby jersey - we've got another cute set-up.

There was one more shot I wanted to get before they left and I think it is my favorite.  Those eyes!