Carolina Boxer Rescue - Calendar Model Search

It all started with a little girl named Rudy.  Well her foster name was Bella but we felt Rudy fit her personality.  

Above is our baby Rudy. We adopted her through Carolina Boxer Rescue last May and since then she's been my new little model.  Lucy, our old boxer had passed away from cancer the previous March and we were missing that presence that a boxer gives a home - even if it is a little crazy after work.  

This is Lucy, in the blonde wig, she didn't agree with me that blondes have more fun.

So adopting Rudy was my first connection with Carolina Boxer Rescue and then I found out that Teresa, who is the CBR honcho in our area, was also the wedding planner for a couple who's wedding I was hired to shoot.  Wilmington is a surprisingly small city, like 2 degrees of separation.  

If you need a wedding planner, she's awesome.  If you want a furry friend to welcome you home after work each day, again, she's awesome!  

Teresa had asked me if I would participate in a boxer photo shoot for a calendar that would help fund CBR and I immediately volunteered to donate my time.  We planned on doing the boxer shoots on June 1 in my studio off Kerr Ave.  It was a sunday so we didn't have any conflicting plans with weddings.  Each dog had a 20-30 min shoot with me and I tried to get as much variety as we could before the model would get tired and bored and just lay down.  

I brought lots and lots of treats.  

We started off with some basic shots against a gray background.  It's hard enough to get them used to the lights going off never mind getting them used to sitting still with hats and wigs and scarves.  After getting the basic shot, I knew I had something to work with and could give it a little more oomph in photoshop.

Lucky for me, I kept all of the handouts from my Digital Illustration class at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  

Some of our doggie mom's brought along their own props, like Gigi's 4th of July and Valentines Day props.

The hardest part of this project is finding the right background for each dog.  I could spend hours searching for copyright free large resolution textures.  Below is a little look at how I get these done.  Sometimes, dogs like Casey need a little help getting their cute ears up in a new environment.  Too busy listening and looking.

We also had some non-boxer models.  Chloe the German Shepherd

I think this may be one of my favorite shots - Dexter the Chihuahua and his sister, Roxy the boxer.  

Carolina Boxer Rescue will be holding a contest to choose the calendar winners. (There were 3 other photographers who also donated their time.)  Follow them on facebook to stay updated: