Tayler and Jeff's Magnolia Greens Wedding

Tayler was referred to me by her coworker Sarah, who's wedding Danny and I photographed two months prior.  Its always an honor to get referrals.  There's no bigger compliment.

We arrived at the Magnolia Greens Country Club early so we could get a lot of the group shots and detail shots out of the way before the ceremony.  If you look closely at the locket on Tayler's flowers, it has an engraving from her Dad, so sweet.

Tayler and Jeff did not see each other before the ceremony but I love how the above two photos give the impression that they did.  

Typical of June in North Carolina, there were some scattered thunderstorms rolling around so we had to make use of the Magnolia Greens Country Club driveway for some outside cover for groups shots.  Lucky for us they had a covered walkway from the reception room to the main hall so we made use of that since we could still see the lush green background of the golf course.


I'm so proud of Danny's shot below.  He's been mostly self taught, except for my guidance, or rather guidelines.  I know he's creative so I just gave him base information for exposures and coached him a little more on the creative side.  Danny totally caught this moment with the flowergirls while they were watching the rest of us take group photos.  It's shots like these that make a second shooter an essential part of the day.  


Like ten minutes before the ceremony, the clouds parted ways and the sun came out.  Wh-What!?!

Immediately following the ceremony we headed off to the golf course for what I like to call 'Picture Time'.  The ground was still a bit soggy from the days weather, so we just didn't venture quite as far out into it.

Then it was on to the reception, but first, you gotta take a selfie!


Yes, I photoshopped the date on that golf ball.  My handwriting is not that, well, uniform.

Congratulations Tayler and Jeff!!