Samantha & Devin's Intracoastal Estate Wedding

I love love love the location that Samantha and Devin chose for their wedding - and not just because Danny and I were married there.  But more because(and one of the reason's we chose this private rental) you get to decorate how you want, eat what you want and drink what you want.  Huge advantage in going with a private residence for your big day.  "The Yellow House" as we lovingly refer to it, is a gorgeous house set on the intracoastal waterway in Carolina Beach featuring marsh grasses, live oaks, and a picturesque dock.  The best part is getting to stay there too.  

Since the bride and bridesmaids would be coming from the dock to the ceremony, we headed out there before everyone arrived which gave me a chance to get some shots with the girls while they enjoyed some refreshments.  (Hey, you know, you gotta stay cool.)

Samantha and her mom Sonya created the most pinterest-worthy wedding ever.  From live music to a butterfly release and sparklers, this wedding had pop!  - but nothing could top their personal vows - Devin even quoted Dr. Seuss. 

We were going to head out to a park off of Snow's Cut for group pictures but the RV transportation had been blocked in.  Once again, a reason we love this location - many opportunities for great shots. 


Since we couldn't take the boat during the party, I just pretended we did.  Oh, photoshop...


Then it was time for the reception.


The reception rolled on but I stole Samantha and Devin away for just a couple of more shots against the setting sky.  This one is my favorite!  

Congratulations Samantha and Devin!!!