Brody's Cowboy Shoot

I've known Hayley for awhile now, (you may remember her from the cover of The Perfect Wedding Planner - she modeled for me back in the Spring.)  Brody, her lovable boxer who is 10(!) years old hadn't been feeling too good so we scheduled a quick shoot to get some lovable pics of him.  She informed me that they wanted a cowboy theme so we made it happen.  Along with some other hats, Brody was a great sport.  The older the dog, the less they fight the props.  Puppies are so hard to wrangle in so Brody was a fabulous model.  The hardest part of these shoots is the post-production since finding great backgrounds can mean hours of google image searches but I think I found some great ones this time.   I'm happy to report that Brody is still doing great and here's my favorite pics from our shoot.

Keep on truckin' Brody!!  (He'll be 11 in November!, I hope our girl Rudy lives that long.)