Brittany's Maternity Shoot

Brittany and Robert had hired us to do their engagement photos and wedding last year so I was super honored when they called me to get their maternity pictures.  Especially since they live out of town! Clients start to feel like family when we watch them grow up, lol. 

It was raining (a lot) the day we planned on shooting but that was ok since they wanted most of the shots in studio.  I encourage clients to send me their favorite pins so I can see what they like.  Since there are like a million things you can do with a shoot, I like to know what you want.  Brittany had sent me some ideas and I had some of my own based on what I knew she was bringing so we went from there.  Robert was in the Army so we started with that gear.  

Then we moved onto the cutest little coral booties.  Do people still call them booties? Maybe we should call them shooties.

Robert is also a fireman so they brought his gear! What a great set of props!

The rain slowed down for a bit so we took advantage of this courtyard thats near the studio.  It has a couple of awnings that gave us a few places to hang out.

Congratulations!! Can't wait to meet Zoe!