Abby's Senior Portraits

We had scheduled this shoot for sunset but the sporadic afternoon thunderstorms of late summer did not agree with our plans.  Since Abby was only here for the week, we decided to reschedule it for as close to sunrise as possible and from now on I'll be suggesting sunrise a lot more.  The first big advantage is that in the morning the wind is rarely a factor and the light isn't quite as red in color as sunset.  We lucked out the morning we were there because a soft cloud cover further dimmed the sky into a super big softbox.  Another awesome fact about sunrise is that the beach was totally ours, except for maybe the occasional walker or fisherman.

Abby brought a couple of different outfits so we worked our way around the beach with outfit changes along the way.  I try to get a wide array of compositions from each outfit.  More landscapey, more portrait-y, vertical, horizontal, and my personal favorite, diagonal (JK, I'm curing myself of this habit.)  I love love love this shot below in the dunes. 

The last/first reason I love Fort Fisher is the variety of backgrounds.  In just an hour we were able to shoot on the beach, in the dunes, on the rocks and across the street in this grassy-wooded area that borders the swamp/marsh/river. 

Following Abby's shoot, we had a mini sibling session with her little sister.  No pun intended.  Since there wasn't going to be an outfit change for this part, we revisited our earlier locations with slightly modified setups.  

Have a great senior year Abby!