Travis' Marine Homecoming

Since I photographed Charlie's baby announcement pics and his newborn portraits, Nicole invited me to go with them to her husband's homecoming.  Travis had been gone for 4 months so he had not yet met Charlie in person.  They had skyped but obviously nothing compares to meeting in real life and they wanted me there to capture the moment.  Originally he had been scheduled to come in in the afternoon but was rescheduled for a 3 AM arrival.  I was still game to go - I'd never been on a military base.  The tank crossing signs were pretty unusual and I couldn't believe how big the base is.

At first I was worried about the lowlight situation but once I saw there was plenty of parking lot lights, I knew I had something to work with my speed light.   And with a shallow depth of field, I could blur them out a little.

It's amazing how technology has changed our world.  Travis' parents joined us via Skype.  

These three are my favorite.  

Time for Dad to pack Charlie in for his first time.  (I was on pacifier duty on the way home.)

So happy you have him back for awhile!  Thanks for bringing us along!