Colette & Brian's Courthouse Nuptials

Colette contacted me about a week before their wedding and I was happy I was free that Friday morning.  This was my first wedding in the New Hanover Courthouse and I was excited to photograph a new environment.  We planned on meeting outside the courthouse about an hour before the scheduled ceremony.  This gave us time to get some portraits outside the original courthouse.


And inside the original courthouse.  Big beautiful windows!  Colette and Brian were stylin' - her chic cocktail dress and his light ensemble (plus the socks) totally went with the downtown ceremony vibe.  And her accessories really set off her city style dress - chandelier earrings, nude shoes, a chunky bracelet and then her short hair! I could go on and on.  Chic, chic, chic.

Side Note #1:  If  you check out the decals on the doors to the historic building, they currently say "Sleepy Hollow Police Department". lol


The magistrate was flexible with where they conducted the ceremony, so after going to find her in the New Hanover County Judicial Building, she came back to find us at the New Hanover County Superior Judge building.  It's such an elegant backdrop for the ceremony. 


After the ceremony and some group shots inside, I took them down to the river for a few more outdoor shots.  They were headed to Chops Deli for lunch(how cute are they?) so I tagged along to get a couple of shots outside.  

Side Note #2: If you go to Chops on a Friday and they are serving Sloppy Chops, get it! If it's not Friday, my favorite to suggest is the Bordeaux, rare roast beef and brie with a mushroom gravy that I could eat as a soup.  Sooooo good. 


Congratulations Colette and Brian!!